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Advanced Visitor Analyser

This is a very interesting and useful analysis module. It can help you analyze behavior of a user during visiting your site. For example, it can help you know which pages this user visit and how long the user stay on one certain page. In this way, you can learn more about your site and know which pages can draw visitor's attention. This module provides more intuitive and clearer backend analysis interface, which is effective for you to know your site visitors' every act and every move.

Advanced RSS Loader

RSS Loader, this module can be used to load multiple RSS Feed or Atom Feed. It can display as slider or list. Moreover, it can control displaying content through template, this is very flexible. This module provides cache mechanism which can make it load more quickyly.

Versatile HTML

Versatile HTML Module is one extended module based on DNN core HTML module. It inclues all functions of HTML module basically and it's easy to operate and simple to understand. It supports multiple language for module title and content and it can also support display content randomly. Moreover, it will display different content according to different URL parameters. It has the function of saving and restoring content, and so on.

Easy Slider

Easy Slider is a simple slider module and it's very easy to operate. You only need to fill Title, Description and Image, then do some simple configuration. After that, you will get the effect at once.

Content Category

Content Category module can provide convenient browsing layout mode for your website. It can support display modes such as List, Tab, Accordion and so on. It can also provide function of sending emails. You can configure one send period, then content included in the module will be sent to website users automatically. Newly added content will be sent in next period. You can use this module as one simple news module or advertisement module, it's helpful to promote your website. It will definitely become o